The Future Of Recruitment

A new recruitment platform for employers and university students, IOS app coming soon. 

A modern recruitment platform to connect employers and university students across the UK.

Unipays offers a new effective replacement to the traditional recruitment agency without the high costs; we simply charge 10% of the staff pay and the national insurance contribution. As well as being a more cost-effective solution to temporary recruitment, Unipays is the solution to balancing the correct amount of staff in accordance with the business’s daily peaks of busyness.


55% more cost-effective than the average recruitment agency.


We know that businesses demands change daily and so should their staffing.

Control & Choice

Employers and Students have complete control & choice on hiring and working with Unipays.

Smart Staffing

Balancing the number of staff in accordance with daily peaks businesses have throughout the day.

24/7 Support

Running a business isn't a 9-5 job so you need an agency that you can contact anytime.

No Long Contracts

We don't believe you should be tied down to one agency, leave anytime.

UNIPAYS Solution: Temporary recruitment to match the correct levels of staffing for the businesses daily peaks.

Unipays allows you to hire cost-effective temporary staff to correctly match when the trade is quiet and when the trade is busy, cutting unneeded labour costs and increasing revenue. 

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